HOUSING and the regulations concerning renting and maintenance of properties have been causing many people in Glasgow serious difficulties.

There has been legislation on regulating factors and bids to ensure owners and landlords properly look after their properties and respect tenants' rights.

The new Housing Bill going through the Scottish Parliament will mean significant changes, completely ending the right to buy after 30 years of homes being taken out of the social sector.

Before it can be passed, the MSPs have to consult the people and the committee's call for evidence is your opportunity to get involved.

Do the proposals go far enough in regulating letting agents, will the powers for councils be adequate to ensure tenement- type properties are regularly maintained?

You can leave it to the politicians and the campaign groups if you wish, but this is the opportunity to make your views heard and let the decision-makers know what you think needs to be done.

Democracy doesn't end with casting your vote, this is one of the ways to be involved in the law-making process.

If you have something to tell the MSPs and the Scottish Government about housing, get your response in and make sure you are heard.