1 Chinese children are named after events:

Such as Space Travel, Build the Nation or Olympics.

2 Indians eat with the right hand: In India, it is traditional to use the right hand for eating. The left is used for toilet hygiene.

3 Good luck baby: In Solapur, India, babies are thrown from a 50ft tower for good luck. No injuries have been reported.

4 China and India are a third of the world's population: There are 2.5bn people in the two countries.

5 It's illegal to be fat in Japan: Counselling and diets are mandatory if you fall foul.

6 China only has one time zone: It is large enough for five time zones but the People's Republic wants to foster a sense of unity.

7 North Koreans celebrate Christmas: They mark the birth of Kim Jong Il's mother, born on December 24.

8 The world's largest shopping mall is a ghost town: The mall in Dongguan, China, has 2,350 shop units nobody wants.

9 Thailand's water gun festival: New Year is celebrated from April 13-15 by being sprayed in the face by water and flour or talc.

10 Vietnamese New Year is everybody's birthday: Age is determined by how many you have lived through.