Matt, McGinn of the Calton (1928-77), was a teacher, social activist, poet and song-writer who knew how to make Glasgow laugh, and cry...

1 COORIE DOON: A lullaby about a miner's child. Recorded by the Corries.

2 The Big Effen Bee: Dealing with the exploits of a troublesome insect in a small French town.

3 Screwtops are Falling on my Head: A parody of a slightly better-known easy-listening tune.

4 Willie MacNamara: Song about a "wee fly man from Chorlitte Street".

5 I Hae Seen the Heilands: Reflecting his pride in the beauties of Scotland.

6 The Ibrox Disaster: On the sadness of the tragedy at Ibrox in 1971.

7 The Foreman O'Rourke: It won him a competition and set him on the road to success.

8 Little Ticks of Time: Used on the TV show Play School.

9 Benny Lynch: McGinn's tribute to the Gorbals boxer.

10 Gallowgate Calypso: "Get your jacket and don't be late, Murder Polis in the Gallowgate".