WE can all make a fire plan for our homes and, indeed, it is our responsibility to ourselves, families and neighbours to do so.

Now we can have a say in the fire plan for our city by responding to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service draft local plan for Glasgow.

Reducing the number of house fires is rightly the top priority, but there are many other risks in a big city from business premises, office and industrial, chemical works and also derelict buildings, and in all cases prevention is the key.

Much progress has been made in Glasgow in the last decade with deaths reduced, but we must not forget the past and as well as the house fires, remember the workplace tragedies that claimed multiple lives and many of the fire crews attempting to save people.

After prevention, response is crucial and the Fire and Rescue Service as always aim to respond as quickly and effectively as possible, of that we can be assured.

However, they want your input in to their plan and this is an opportunity to look at the proposal and make your opinion known to the fire service.

We all want fewer fires and deaths reduced to zero so we should all make the effort in whatever way we can to make Glasgow a safer city.