BEING diagnosed with cancer is an incredibly traumatic experience for the sufferer, their family and friends.

While the medical and nursing expertise is there to treat and care for the patient, there many other problems that can arise as life changes completely.

The Macmillan cancer charity has years of experience in helping people through the most difficult time of their lives and has various services to help people adjust to their new lives and deal with problems as they arise.

Their Cancer Support Helpline is a superb example of that support. And it is available to anyone who needs advice relating to cancer.

But, for some unknown reason, people in Glasgow and the West of Scotland are not making use of the service. Some perhaps are unaware it exists or what help is available.

Glasgow's cancer rate remains high, and there are many people going through not only the ordeal of diagnosis and treatment but also the worry that other problems, like finance, bring.

Macmillan staff are highly trained and experienced and provide a service from which many would benefit.

So if you, or anyone close to you, is facing any of the problems associated with a cancer diagnosis, remember, help is only a phone call away.