COPING with the aftermath of domestic abuse is a traumatic and difficult experience for women, who need all the support possible.

Often there are children involved, who remain with their mother as she looks to rebuild their lives with safety and security uppermost in her mind.

During this time, the needs of the children cannot be overlooked and they also need help and support to understand what has happened and allow them to recover and lead a normal life.

The CEDAR project, working in Castlemilk, is an example of an organisation helping ensure that all agencies involved also focus on the children which will in turn help the mum as well.

If it can help break inter- generational cycles by providing an educational resource and challenging attitudes towards domestic violence, it will prove an invaluable service.

The project in Glasgow is worthy of the praise it received from MSPs, and what it needs even more is the security of funding once the current National Lottery cash runs out.

Which is where government comes in and the ability to ensure that, even when money is tight, projects - like this one - which we can't afford to do without are given our continued support.