1 Jack:

It was the most popular boys' name for another year in a row with 561 boys given the name.

2 Sophie: Still remains unchanged at the top of list for girls' names - 474 girls were called Sophie last year.

3 Olivia: A total of 465 children were given the name by their parents in 2013.

4 Emily: In fourth spot. A total of 452 girls were called Emily last year.

5 James: It was also a popular choice for 401 parents.

6 Isla: Clinched sixth spot in the chart with 374 entries.

7 Lucy: It was also a popular choice with 372 children given the name in 2013.

8 Ava: It rose in popularity with 353 parents opting for the name.

9 Lewis: A total of 347 children in Scotland were named Lewis last year.

10 Jessica: It ranks at number 10 in the poll after 349 children were given the name.