I would describe myself as a bubbly energetic positive kind of person but turning 29 hit me hard.

I'm not normally one for caring about getting older or birthdays, so this shook me a little. For I was another year closer to 30.

When I was younger I had always thought, "When I'm 30, I'll have a husband and a couple of children, a good job," the happy ever after, that's how the story goes, isn't it?

I have the good job part of that description and I suppose I felt like I had failed somehow. I had to find a way to snap out of the mood with myself. I have a loving and supportive family, a great group of friends and as I said a job which I love (which is rare).

So seeing as my friends are coupled off or don't have similar holiday tastes to me, as an independent, self-sufficient female I booked myself a trip, a trip of a lifetime to Brazil! (It's been high on my list for a long time)

Two weeks travelling from Iguazu falls to Rio. It was with a tour group, so I knew I'd have company. I have used tour groups before on several trips but I've not travelled alone in a long time.

Six years in fact, so I was nervous to say the least. However I only needed one person, one person to talk back to me and I'd be happy.

As it turns out it was fantastic. Meeting new people and travelling gives me such a buzz. I had my mojo back!

On the bus from Curitiba to Sao Paulo I had a brainwave. I need to make the year I turn 30 as much fun as I can.

What do I love? Travelling! New places, new people, 30 places to mark turning 30. It was so obvious.

I knew my plan was ambitious, and trips like Brazil or China or the USA might be a tad out of reach what with holiday and monetary restraints.

So to make this year achievable, I've decided to focus on day trips and weekends away in the UK and Europe.

So far plans are taking shape and it's going to be a busy year. That's the fun part though.

The aim is to get two places a month with a summer holiday to help up the numbers.

It's starting from now until the end of December. I'm open to any suggestions to possible 'must see' places, I've had invites from travelling friends around the country so it's going to take some organising but it's going to be so worthwhile.

I want to visit old favourites and of course soon to be new favourites.

I've also been given the opportunity to write a blog about my chosen task.

What a lovely way for me to record this adventure.

All I'm wanting out of this year is memories, 30 is a milestone.

Then you get to 40 and wonder why you made such a fuss?

Let's not think about 40 just yet though! Here's to 2014.