1 Upper Volta:

The former French colony in west Africa is now Burkina Faso.

2 Gold Coast: Now known as Ghana, it was a former British colony in the same area.

3 Belize: Formerly British Honduras, it forms part of Central America.

4 Burma: The south-east Asian country changed its name to Myanmar 2010.

5 Nyasaland: The former British Protectorate was renamed Malawi on independence in 1964.

6 Dutch Guiana: Situated beside Brazil in South America, it is now Suriname.

7 Rhodesia: The former British colony became Zimbabwe in 1980.

8 Bechuanaland: The former British Protectorate changed its name to Botswana.

9 Ceylon: Famous for its tea, it became Sri Lanka after independence.

10 Basutoland: Former British colony in South Africa, now known as Lesotho.