WHEN a site as huge as the former John Brown shipyard becomes vacant it presents a challenge that cannot be met immediately.

However tens of millions of pounds of public money have been spent on Clydebank Re-built which is now requiring even more to be taken over by the local council.

Like the Clydeside regeneration in Glasgow the transformation of a former industrial site takes decades not years and in difficult economic times securing investment becomes an even more challenging task.

So it is understandable that work has stalled on the John Brown site in Clydebank, but what must be remembered is it is the public's cash that is being spent on these projects and value for money is imperative.

When the council takes over and the new plan is drawn up it must be ensured the aims are achievable and not merely throwing cash at a problem in an attempt to be seen to be acting.

The site is a double edged sword offering huge potential if the right solution is found but also its size presents a problem finding the right use.

What is certain is that the people of Clydebank are looking for the site to be used productively in a way that will bring economic benefits to the town.