1 China:

More than 30% of the world's tea, more than 1.6million tons a year, is produced in China.

2 India: Almost one million tons of tea, including the Assam variety, is produced annually in India.

3 Kenya: Tea is mostly produced by small-scale farmers in the East African country.

4 Sri Lanka: The country, then known as Ceylon, was the first to produce tea on a mass scale.

5 Turkey: Tea farming, and tea as an offering to guests, is a part of the Turkish culture. They also drink a lot of mint tea.

6 Vietnam: Another major Asian tea nation, Vietnam produces more than 200,000 tons of tea a year.

7 Iran: Iranian tea is well-known for its flavour and aroma.

8 Indonesia: Tea is the national beverage of the tea-total Muslim republic and 142,000 tons a year are produced there.

9 Argentina: The biggest tea producer in South America, with an annual crop of 95,000 tons.

10 Japan: Japanese green tea has seen a huge upsurge in demand in recent years.