IT comes as no surprise to anyone that Glasgow has a serious problem with alcohol, it has existed for decades.

What is of serious concern is that those dealing with the worst excesses are finding it is growing and more and more people are seeking help.

Glasgow Council for Alcohol reports an extra 2000 people have been referred for counselling in the last year, so many it has needed to move to bigger premises to cope with the demand.

There are various measures being implemented to try and curb the impact of alcohol, though the Scottish Government's flagship policy of minimum pricing has stalled.

It is clear from the figures that continued efforts are required to turn around the growing numbers of people who are experiencing problems due to drink - and those problems extend to a much more serious situation than a Sunday morning hangover.

Individually and collectively, as a city and a nation, we need to address the issue in a responsible manner and seek solutions to stem the rising number of alcohol related deaths and illnesses.

Then hopefully, some day in the future, the day will arrive when the Glasgow Council for Alcohol can move into smaller premises once again.