This week; I Baird all in tartan, pig out at the Butterfly and Pig West and get cheesy about Mum's Mac.

The Event 

This weekend is the weekend to Baird-all in your kilts. Tomorrow, of course, is Burns Day and the best excuse to don your tartan and stuff your face with haggis.

Tonight, I am hosting the Kiltwalk Burns Supper. The Kiltwalk is a unique Scottish charity, which helps to support the nation's best loved children's charities with sponsored walks all around the country. I'll be walking the Glasgow Walk (with swagger) on April 27, and you can join me and be part of Team Cat if you fancy!

Tonight, though, I'll be wearing an incredible frock made by Amelie Bespoke for Slanj (it's amazing!), celebrating the walkers, fundraisers and volunteers from last year and doing my first ever public reply Tae the Laddies. Sadly, it's too rude to print here… but suffice to say, I think Rabbie would be proud!

The Food 

It's easy to be cheesy about macaroni, it's a dish as cosy as a pair of pyjamas and makes most folk think of home. Part of the reason that SMAC (the Scottish Macaroni Appreciation Club) has done so well, is it's a seriously well loved dinner.

Sloans the venue for SMAC has 'legendary' macaroni on it's menu, but the inspiration behind the Mummy Mac Off was that despite it's deliciousness, people often said, it's good, but not as good as my mums! So, on Sunday, to put that to the test, six mums went apron to apron in a food fight to be crowed the Queen of Mac.

There was amazing variance in the creed of the mac, some added beans and ham hock and there was even one with lobster! That is mac posh! However, the winning mac was pure and simple - just lashings of cheese - which just goes to show you shouldn't mess with tradition!

Here's a pic of me saying 'cheese' with the winning Mac Mummy and one of the judges, TV's dishy Sean Batty.

The Pub 

Bath Street favourite The Butterfly and Pig has trotted West and had an offspring, a Butterpig… a Pigfly. No, thankfully, they've not gone all Harry Potter on us and the place is simply the all Butterfly and Pig West.

If you're not familiar with the original, it's a quirky little joint which feels like a cross between your Granny's hoose and a tea room. If I was worried that the new place wouldn't have retained it's originality, I needn't have been - pigs might fly! It has all the hallmarks of Bath Street, from mismatched crockery to their off-beat menu. A favourite being 'haddock, battered to death'. Nice.

It was pretty quiet on Tuesday night, but it's January and we are still a week away from that payday feeling. The portions are huge, though (quite the pig out), and we could easily have shared just one of the mains. My only squeal is, they could do with a bigger selection of drinks and taps. They also don't quite cross your palm with a Tunnocks, like granny, but the wee bits of coconut ice that came with our bill were a lovely sweetener.

Wee Bird Recommends

Wee likes to think of ourselves as your Glasgow wingmen. So, this week, we recommend a flyby to Itison's Valentines Drive-In Movies. The film is 80's maverick, Top Gun and it's going to be shown by the runway at Edinburgh Airport on February 14 and 15. So, grab your aviators and your valentine, and take yourself off to the Drive In.