I have been going on about this 'plan' for what seems forever and now 2014 had arrived. It means the start of my adventure year.

My best friend Claire had given me a 'mystery day trip' as part of my Christmas and it was time to check it out. It was like Christmas all over again!

I woke up bright and early, showered, dressed, put my make-up on, and I was ready and raring to go.

I got the train into Glasgow Central for half past ten on a chilly but bright Saturday.

I see Claire sitting and as I walk over, I do our excited dance.

Drum roll please...destination number one is Largs.

Who doesn't love the seaside? Absolutely brilliant! Excited now to get on the train and away, but not before purchasing some travelling snacks and of course a wee take out glass of vino. Well it's a holiday. Would be rude not to!

We get to Largs and go a wee wander along the front. It's quiet. It is a baltic day in January I suppose. We head to Scott's up at the Marina for lunch, which was pre-booked. Claire and I were the youngest there by a long shot minus the staff but I can't fault it.

Service was good and the food was delicious. I would definitely recommend the haggis tempura.

As we wait on a taxi, we get a Caipirinha at the bar (something that I've held on to from Brazil).

But the taxi was much quicker than anticipated, so we had to drink up and go.

Feeling the effects of our cocktail as we head to McCabes, a typical old man pub, where everyone looks to see who's walked in.

They don't know us so return to drinking and chatting. I always think of the programme Cheers in these pubs. It would be nice to have a local where everybody knows your name.

Anyway, another drink down and off we go in search of another bar. We find The Lounge.

It's connected to Room but we get there later. We order a cocktail named 'Carrie oot' and we sit, and giggle and chat. The bar was lovely and it makes you want to come for a proper night out to see how the atmosphere might change. Largs with a little bit more life could be a lot fun.

We are extremely giggly as we leave, so what better time than now to go to the amusements. It's the seaside after all. After changing pounds into coppers, we hit the machines. This without a doubt was the highlight of my day. The cheesy music, the bright red patterned carpet, the lights and general noise of the place. It just felt so energetic! It's difficult not to get caught up in the excitement, it definitely attracted that inner child within me. It was just so much fun, watching the 2p roll down the slot, oh...it's pushed some off - will any fall off? Holding breath in anticipation- NO! Well it's a fix surely? After failed attempts, we tag team it and manage to win a shiny, very plastic, disco ball. It doesn't stop there though as we also win a sponge skull key-ring, bubbles and not to forget a Maoam sweet!

So we leave the slots with our stash of goodies and much lighter purses, and can see only one way to celebrate our winnings.

With an ice cream of course! When in Largs that ice cream has to be Nardinis. One scoop Scottish tablet, in a waffle cone. Delicious! I unfortunately have a sweet tooth for anything creamy. But it's worth it.

Our final destination of the day is the bar/restaurant Room - winner of the 2013 family restaurant award- apparently. We only got to sample the French Martinis which I'm sure you'll imagine went down very well. There was a certainly a drink related theme for our day out.

Train back to Glasgow and I have a massive smile on my face. As much as I love new places, nothing beats taking a trip close to home. We both fall asleep on the train within 15 minutes. Sign of a great day.

Number one - done!