JOB losses, benefit cuts, rising cost of living, energy prices and stagnating wages are all adding to the pressures on household budgets.

Those struggling at the lowest end of the income scale from single homeless people, to young families on low earnings or benefits and many pensioners are all experiencing difficulty in putting food on the table.

Pupils at All Saints Secondary School have shown their caring side and their commitment to helping the community by organising and distributing food parcels to those in need.

While it is a very worthwhile effort, and those who have received help will be grateful, it is a sad indictment on a society that has so much wealth that children are having to help feed adults and other children.

The growth of food banks is well documented and the numbers seeking help is increasing as the needs of the poorest people becomes ever more urgent.

As a city we should take pride in the fact that children like those at All Saints are taking social responsibility seriously and are willing to help others less fortunate than they are.

However, we should surely also feel a certain amount of shame that this action is necessary in the first place.