HOW can Justin Bieber have gone from cute teen heart-throb to someone at the centre of a US deportation storm?

His posters and CDs littered the bedrooms of young girls all around the world - but now a 64,000 strong (and counting) petition is calling to have him removed from the US and his green card revoked.

The young star has only been in the limelight for six years and, at the age of 19, has sold 15 million albums.

He has more than 40million followers on Twitter. Of those, 50,000, started following him overnight after he cut his hair - I might give that a shot to gain more Twitter followers.

Bieber has also earned an estimated £55million in the last 12 months.

So, based on that info, it sounds like little Justin's life should be just peachy so what could possibly have gone so wrong to make him Public Enemy Number One?

The petition, posted online on January 23, says the Canadian singer should have his green card revoked because he is "threatening the safety of our people".

He is also accused of being a "terrible influence on our nation's youth".

Ever since Justin burst on the scene back in 2008 the world has been fascinated with the young star's meteoric rise to fame.

I remember we even dedicated an entire section of STVs daily magazine show The Hour to discuss how the world had gone mad with 'Bieber Fever' which unfortunately resulted in a bit of a faux pas on my part live on telly and the clip ended up on the Christmas special of It'll Be Alright on the Night.

In the last week we have seen reports of arrests for suspicion of driving under the influence, drag racing and for resisting arrest without violence in Florida.

And let's not forget the allegations that he decided to attack the walls of his neighbours house with a box of eggs - classic teenage boy weapon of choice, of course.

I hope for his sake he manages to recover from this and it doesn't get to the stage were he is sent packing back home to his native Canada.

It must be so hard to remain grounded with that level of fame and growing up with the eyes of the world watching your every move.

Let's hope he has got some great friends and family around him now who can help him see the error of his ways and bring him back to reality.

I HAVE just returned from a magical week in Mexico.

It was the perfect way to unwind after a hectic Christmas and New Year work schedule although after seven days in an all-inclusive resort I'm now tempted to have my jaws wired and turn my living room into a gym - neighbours who can see into my flat take note.

To quote Ross from friends "I'm carrying a little holiday weight right now".

It's time to say hello to my first diet attempt of 2014.