LOW election turnout and voter apathy has been a problem in many parts of ­Glasgow as people turn off from politics and are disillusioned by politicians.

The independence referendum is the first time that 16 and 17 year olds have the chance to vote and as 18 to 25 year olds have been the least likely to vote in recent elections, there is work to be done to ensure the new voters are going to take part.

Many young people feel politics has little to offer them and believe politicians are out of touch with the younger generation, so see little point in voting.

The independence referendum is a different poll as it is not a government we are electing or a person or group of politicians we are endorsing.

It is a question about Scotland's future and is not SNP versus Labour or Alex Salmond against Johann Lamont or David Cameron.

Everyone should be registered to take part in the poll, whatever you think of politicians or politics and that is the message that needs to be spread throughout the country by the campaign to get young and old on the voters roll.

Your vote is your voice, and the only way to make it heard and make it count is to be registered to vote and then to make your choice and put your x in the box.