IAM an extremely proud Scot this week especially after the historic events that took place in Holyrood on Tuesday evening.

MSPs gathered in Edinburgh to debate and vote and after an overwhelming majority said yes, Scotland became the 17th country in the world to finally legalise same-sex marriage.

To me it just seems totally absurd that in 2014 we can still discriminate against two people in love and forbid them from getting married in the eyes of the law because they are the same gender.

Love is love and let's face it, if current reports that 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce are accurate, we heterosexuals really aren't in a position to be saying who can or can't get married, are we?

We live in a world today were there are TV programmes such as Take me Out hosted by Paddy McGuinness firmly embedded in the Saturday Evening schedule on.

The concept of the show is simple - Paddy sets off the verbal starter's pistol by shouting "bring on the girls" and seconds later 30 beautiful, attractive young women come racing down the stairs waiting with bated breath to see the young stud about to be released into their arena, via something called the Love Lift I might add, where they then spend the next hour trying to get a date with this guy.

Look, I get it, people love it and it's fun.

And anyway, our attitude towards love and romance isn't exactly the traditional red rose and champagne variety- the reality is being in a nightclub at 2am when an extremely drunk man, who has clearly vomited on himself at some point earlier in the evening, clocks you at the bar.

And I appreciate not everyone will be as delighted as I am with this bill being passed.

But to think that less than 35 years ago it was a criminal offence to be gay in this country, Scotland has come such a long way.

This is the 21st Century and Scotland is well and truly in it.

We all have one shot at life and if you are lucky enough to fall in love and find your soul mate, who cares what gender they are.

We are all equal and should all enjoy equal rights. Well done Scotland.

THANKS to the Evening Times new Active 2014 campaign, I am in super health mode and determined to get fit and healthy this year.

I'll be making some changes in my life and you can keep up to date with my progress right here in my column each week.

As old Olivia Newton John, right, said 'Lets get Physical' although, I promise, no pink Lycra or 1980s hair dos will feature in any part of my fitness regime. Wish me luck.

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