1 Dixon of Dock Green Jack Warner with his catchline 'Evening All' was an old-fashioned cop.

2 Emergency - Ward 10: One of the first soap operas in the UK, it ran for 10 years from 1957.

3 Picture Book: Part of the Watch With Mother cycle, stories were initially read by Patricia Driscoll.

4 Ivanhoe: The Sir Walter Scott novel was serialised in 1959, wirth Roger Moore in the starring role.

5 Zoo Quest: Filmed at London Zoo, it was the first programme to feature David Attenborough.

6 Take Your Pick: TV's first game show, hosted by 'quiz inquisitor' Michael Miles.

7 The Army Game: A National Service sitcom, starring Bernard Bresslaw and Alfie Bass.

8 The Buccaneers: Swashbuckling adventure starring Robert Shaw as Dan Tempest.

9 Juke Box Jury: Host David Jacobs asked four panel members to call Hit or Miss on pop songs.

10 Whack-O!: Jimmy Edwards starred as the drunken headmaster of Chiselbury Public School.