This week, love is in the air: foodie foreplay, steaming up car windows and why Valentines isn't just about hoohaa.

Love Glasgow?

So, it's nearly Valentines, the date is no doubt surrounded by love hearts in your diary (no, just me?) But who was this Saint Valentines chap (other than the scourge of all men)?

Very little is actually known about St Val, apart from his name and the fact he died on February 14. Perhaps because he didn't buy his missus flowers! A lesser known fact, however, is that his bones are thought to lie in Glasgow, in the church of Blessed John Duns Scotus. St Valentine liked to spread the love, though, his remains are also, apparently, reside in 12 other cities around the world, which has caused a wee bit of friction.

For me, there's no doubt, Glasgow is the city to fall in love. So, if you're wondering what to woo come next Friday or are looking for your perfect anti-Valentine, here are my seductive suggestions.

Love Food?

If music be the food of love, does that make food foreplay? Certainly, where Valentines Day is concerned it does - there are many men who could suffer the same deathly sentence as the Saint himself if a table isn't booked for the 14th.

Fret not, though, chaps, there are loads of places in Glasgow doing great V-day menus. It's a bit of a jungle out there, so Urban Bar and Brasserie is a good place to start, with four courses and a glass of bubbly, starting at a bargain £20pp for the early love birds.

I also fancy the Butchershop Bar and Grill: who says you can't have your steak and eat it on Valentines Day! They're doing a special beefed-up sharing menu with a wine flight for £65pp, ooh try a little tenderloin!

Or finally, you could go for for a winch at Rogano. Their offer starts at £35pp, including three courses and a glass of champagne on arrival.Well, you know what they say about oysters… and if all else fails, there's always the magnificent cocktail menu.

Love Movies?

Back when Tom Cruise was sexy, he fuelled millions of teenage fantasies in Top Gun. For many, aviators are literally the look of love. It's a flick that appeals to both men and women, not an easy feat for a rom-com, but then the 80s is where the movie magic happened.

Interestingly, though, the steamy love scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis was only included in the film because test audiences complained there wasn't enough good, plain action! So, this Valentines Day, if you're looking for a steamy session of your own, grab your wingman - to snuggle or swoon over Tom Cruise with - and head to Itison Drive-In Movies showing of Top Gun at Edinburgh Airport (only about 40 minutes from Glasgow). It's a sure-fire way to make sure your V-day takes off… in the right direction. 

Hate Love?

Valentines Day might be the most romantic day of the year for some, but for others it's just a load of commercialised hoohaa. So, welcome to the anti-Valentine. No rom-vom allowed!

This Valentine falls on a Friday (so, no excuse to stay home, dating your sofa), there's plenty of great nights, without hearts, flowers or pukey poems. Here are two of my favourite.

There are huge benefits to not romanticising Valentines. For starters you can have garlic. And for main, you can have ribs and wings, and get sauce all over your face and just not care. If this is for you, dude, head to Lebowskis Sticky Fingers Night, and celebrate by sticky-ing your fingers up to love.

In love or not, The Beat goes on. So, if you're in the mood for dancing, but not romancing, check out Birmingham band The Beat at The Arches on Friday, supported by Glasgow folk Esperanza. It's all a wee bit ska and a whole lot of fun. St Valentine who?

Wee Bird Recommends

Still *hearting* St Valentines this week, Wee Bird recommends giving your love the empire… biscuit. The lovely folk at the Riverhill Cafe on Gordon Street have dreamed up some gorgeous, tasty and totally satisfying love nibbles, complete with your very own V day message. Wee love!