WELCOME to my world, Sharon.

Nothing exciting happens? Nothing exciting has happened to me since 1974.

I know, the pair of us sound like a couple of teenagers whining that there's nothing for us to do, but really there isn't.

Unless you grab the bull by the horns that is.

So, I had a look online at some of the stuff they suggest you can fill your spare time with when you are a certain age and I'm struck by the fact that most of the stuff they are promoting seems to be based on the average 20-year-old's idea of what my generation like to do.

Parks, museums, cruises and tea dances. I'm from the gener-ation that embraced the 70s' wild excesses and you want me to get excited about a tea dance?

There's also a patronising attitude about it all that drives me up the wall. Have you noticed that advertising aimed at the over 50s has a condescending tone?

Why do they feel the need to talk to us as if we are a bit daft?

It always seems to be Lynda Bellingham, Hannah Gordon or that bloke who used to be in Doctor in the House.

Mind you, I might not have much excitement in my life but I felt better when I read that Sharon gets a lift from Pancake Day.

Pancake Day? Sorry but if eating pancakes is one of the highlights of your year, you need help.

Valentine's Day has always been a non-starter for me. I never got a card when I was at school and it was years before I discovered that my two pals, who always got big ones, only got them because their Maws sent them. No wonder I grew up to be cynical.

As for Easter, unless you celebrate its religious significance, I don't see the point. Mind you, I'd pay money to see Sharon do what she claims she can do with a Cream Egg.