WE all know public funds are limited and many community groups are struggling to survive from one year to the next.

However, it would be extremely sad and would make life more difficult for many people if the Disabled Community group was forced to close.

Hundreds of people are helped by the organisation which provides a range of services for food to childcare.

The Evening Times is well aware of the work done at the centre in Possilpark, having been one of our Community Champion winners.

Support for the group has come from various sources including the council and lottery funding who we know do not have bottomless pits and have many competing and worthy organisations to finance.

The Disabled Community is now looking to anyone who can help it in its bid to stay in operation and continue with the work it does across the city.

The dedication of the staff has never been in doubt but the fact thy are still working knowing they will not be paid at the end of the month is further proof of how much they value the work they do.

Hopefully they will find others who feel the same and are able to find the support through donations they need to allow them to keep up the good work.