WE all know by now the old rhyme about sticks and stones is complete nonsense.

In fact often it is the name calling that leads to the serious violence that ends up in an A&E department.

Some of the names in our article on sectarianism today will be considered offensive, some not, and others a badge of honour, but it depends on who is calling out the names.

We do not apologise for printing those which may cause offence, because they are the ones that are doing far more damage in homes and streets across the city.

Often insults are hurled at people without any real understanding of what the word means, where it comes from, or why it offends.

The project by Aberlour Youthpoint to tackle the language of sectarianism and targeting the young is a good example of education and attempting to ensure the next generation is better informed and more understanding than the last.

It won't stamp out sectarianism on its own - no-one is suggesting it will - but it is a genuine effort to improve a situation that persists through the generations.

Language is something passed down through the ages and if we can break the cycle of insults and abuse then we can make a start on reducing the damage.