ANOTHER name has been added to the distinguished list of winners of the Scotswoman of the Year title.

The list is as illustrious as it is long, honouring women of remarkable achievement since 1963.

All of the winners have worked in various fields paid or voluntary and campaigning with the aim of improving the lives of other people.

This year's winner like many of her predecessors has turned a personal traumatic experience into a determination to ensure others do not have to endure the same.

Ann Moulds founded Action Scotland Against Stalking after she suffered years of torment and eventually escaped at great personal cost.

Her commitment in the decade since has gathered support from politicians and justice agencies and led to a change in the law to recognise the crime in its own right.

The four finalists were also fine examples of women who have dedicated an enormous amount of their own time and energy to bring about benefits for others and are more than worthy of recognition.

The Evening Times is proud to be associated with this prestigious award and the opportunity to honour and thank extraordinary women of courage and dedication.