1 Abercrombie Street:

Named after soldier Sir Ralph Abercrombie, who died in Egypt.

2 Glassford Street:

Built on the site of the house and gardens of tobacco merchant Sir Henry Glassford.

3 Wishart Street: Named for Bishop Robert Wishart, a friend of both William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

4 Argyle Street: First called Anderson Street, it was renamed for Archibald, Duke of Argyll, at that time spelled Argyle.

5 Duke Street: Named for the Duke of Montrose, who had a lodging house that overlooked the area.

6 Oswald Street:

After James Oswald of Shieldhall, a Glasgow MP in the 1800s.

7 Cochrane Street:

Previously Cotton Street, it was renamed for Andrew Cochrane, Lord Provost in 1760.

8 Buchanan Street:

Named after Glasgow merchant Andrew Buchanan.

9 Pitt Street: The statesman and Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger gave his name to the street.

10 Bartholomew Street: Named for cotton spinner John Bartholomew of Cotton Hall.