DOG fouling is unsightly and disgusting and is a stain on many of our otherwise clean streets and parks.

While there is much effort going on both at an official level through Clean Glasgow and at a community level to improve the appearance of our environment there are still some people whose laziness and ignorance is undoing the good work.

The news that there has been a record level of fines handed out is good and bad as while it shows there is action being taken against the offenders it tells us there is a significant problem.

It is the easiest thing to clean up after your dog and we can all see responsible owners doing just that across the city.

For those who don't they deserve the fine they get which hopefully means they think twice before failing to do their civic duty.

As well as the environmental blight, there is the obvious health risks especially in parks where children should be able to explore freely.

There is a mechanism to report dog owners who flout the law and people should be encouraged to use it and help ensure the streets are as clean as possible.

The number is on page five, if the dirty dog owners won't pick up after their dog, then we can pick up the phone.