February's challenge started with one of the most Scottish things I can think of - rain, Scotland wouldn't be the lovely green place it is without it!

It never fails to amuse me how much we all talk about the weather.

I may have already mentioned how much I like food, so I have been using this challenge as an excuse to indulge my sweet tooth. I had some lovely Scottish tablet, my dad makes the best I have ever tasted but this time I had to settle for shop bought. I am trying to persuade him to dust off his apron and make me some.

I tried sea salt and caramel chocolate from a Scottish company based in Edinburgh called the Chocolate Tree, it tasted amazing. I was very excited to find out they make a bar called the 'Chieftain,' it has haggis spices and pinhead oats, what could be more Scottish than that?

I knew that when visiting my friend in London, doing something Scottish every day might not be so easy. As it was her birthday and she had recently moved down there, I decided to get her a little reminder of Glasgow as a gift. I found a lovely stall at the Merchant Square selling brooches. I picked one that represented the Glasgow Coat of arms, the tree (that never grew), the bird (that never flew), the fish (that never swam) and the bell (that never rang). She loved it as much as I did; I think I may have to treat myself to one. Another excuse to indulge my sweet tooth and remind my friend of home was a 'round' of irn bru on a London bus.

In order to work off all the treats, I ran the Kirkintilloch 12.5k race, this is the third year that I have run this and the hills never get easier. The race was organised by the Kirkintilloch Olympians, who told us some interesting things to look out for on the route including a Quaker cemetery, this helped to take my mind off the hills.

I am still really enjoying the challenge and love hearing ideas from others which I think will come in handy as I am about to embark on a five-day juice detox; this means I will have to indulge in Scottish things that do not include sugar!