At the age of 34, and 13 years of it being just my wife and I, and the responsibility of looking after our cat, we finally decided - much to the delight of both of our parents - to disrupt our cat's life and have a baby.

As a rookie dad, I wasn't sure what to expect and how I would cope. In the coming weeks and months I'm going to share the ups and downs as our little one takes over our life... and our tabby cat's tranquillity!

The nine-month wait for her arrival didn't fly in at all and certainly wasn't as quick as it appears in the TV soaps.

When she finally did arrive, I received a phone call from my wife and I was told to get to the hospital ASAP.

That was to be the last night of a baby-free zone and was one of the scariest drives of my life to the maternity hospital.

After months of watching Channel 4's One Born Every Minute, I thought I knew pretty much what to expect, but that was far from the case.

When she did arrive two hours later, it was a shock to be handed this tiny baby.

I had never even held a baby before, so to be given my own child to hold, shortly after she was born, was mind blowing.

Before I knew it, the back seat of my car was now baby's taxi service, complete with an array of toys and we were home with our new arrival.

Learning how to hold this precious cargo was the first skill I had to master.

Not being the most co-ordinated person, it took me a while to master burping her. Who knew such a little thing could carry so much gas?

Thankfully, I learned quickly that it was a necessity to have a towel at the ready for the inevitable aftermath of a feed.

Although, our friends and families were not so prepared and found themselves in the path of baby sick that could come out so fast, that it could rival a scene from The Exorcist!

As part of my steep learning curve, I will be sharing what comes next as my little one continues to teach us new things every day.