1 Billy Connolly:

The Big Yin announced this week he was not going to vote in the September poll.

2 Eddi Reader: The former Fairground Attraction singer has pledged to vote Yes.

3 Sharleen Spiteri: The Texas singer said she does not think an independent Scotland will be viable.

4 Kevin Bridges: The Clydebank-born comedian is in favour of an independent Scotland.

5 Ewan McGregor: The Perth-born Hollywood actor wants Scotland to remain in the UK.

6 Alan Cumming: The actor, from Aberfeldy, has said he will vote Yes to independence.

7 Michelle Mone: The Glasgow bra tycoon has said she will leave Scotland if is splits from the United Kingdom.

8 Irvine Welsh: The Trainspotting author is a supporter of the Yes campaign.

9 JK Rowling: The English-born Harry Potter author is to vote against independence.

10 Annie Lennox: The former Eurythmics star has voiced support for independence.