THERE is no need to wait any longer to change the law on organ donation when lives can be saved now by implementing the opt out system.

MSPs said they were satisfied with the new law in Wales and previous concerns about costs or safeguarding people's wishes have been allayed.

It is not possible to put a cost on the life of someone waiting for a transplant but the Welsh Health Minister has given the answer to anyone who would want to ask it.

Just two extra kidney donations a month would cover the cost of implementing the scheme by reducing dialysis costs.

MSPs said there is no need to wait for an evaluation of the Welsh scheme and the case for moving towards an opt out system of presumed consent with the proper safeguards is now even stronger.

There will be a Members Bill brought by MSP Anne McTaggart if the Scottish Government does not act and our petition, plus a motion by Glasgow MSP Humza Yousaf, all demonstrate there is a substantial majority in favour.

So the case is clear, there is no need to delay and by acting sooner rather than later more lives can be saved.

The time for a radical change in organ donation has come and the Scottish Government must seize the opportunity.