THE success of the latest special exhibition at Kelvingrove has been outstanding and further testament to the popularity of the gallery and museum.

And popularity is the right word as Kelvingrove, since its refurbishment, has not been afraid to reflect popular culture in its shows.

Whether it is a showcase for Jack Vettriano - a contemporary artist who is considered to be overlooked by the arts establishment - or other events like the Kylie, Doctor Who and AC/DC exhibits, people have flocked in their thousands from far and wide.

Kelvingrove, like the other Glasgow museums, has many traditional artworks and it stands up well in comparison with any other in the country.

Like the city itself, Glasgow's museums have a diverse collection offering something for everyone as well the ability to show people something new.

The Jack Vettriano exhibition closes this weekend giving those yet to see it a few days to enjoy the works of one of the most successful popular artists of the day.

And while you are there you can see the wealth of treasure to be explored in one of the city's iconic buildings, which is a work of art itself.

For art through the centuries, Glasgow is undoubtedly in a class of its own.