1 Mick McManus:

The Man You Love to Hate was the undisputed bad boy of British wrestling for decades.

2 Big Daddy: Real name Shirley Crabtree, he was famous for his 64inch chest.

3 Giant Haystacks: Haystacks (Martin Ruane) had an ongoing rivalry with Big Daddy.

4 Jackie Pallo: The feud between Mr TV and McManus drew 22million viewers at its height.

5 Les Kellett: Bradford wrestler, his party piece was appearing punch-drunk before recovering to win.

6 Kendo Nagasaki: Several masked fighters used the name, the best known being Peter Thornley.

7 Mike Marino: Mr Wrestling was one of the early stars of TV in the 50s.

8 Adrian Street: Flamboyant Welsh villain who was carried into the ring by his sidekick Miss Linda.

9 Johnny Kwango: A former ballet dancer, his mother was a strongwoman in a circus.

10 Johnny Saint: Known as The Man of a Thousand Holds, he was another star of the TV era.