GLASGOW Airport is of enormous economic importance to Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

Following some challenging years with declining passenger numbers and events outwith management control like weather, strikes elsewhere and volcanoes erupting, the airport has been recording growth figures year after year.

The market is highly competitive with Edinburgh and Prestwick within an hour's drive, and airports in the north of England also providing alternatives for longer haul destinations.

But recent years have shown there is huge potential for growth and Scotland's biggest city with the biggest catchment area can be the country's biggest airport

Whoever owns the airport in years to come will have a great opportunity but also face challenges ahead.

There remains an issue concerning surface access with the M8 the only route into Glasgow and the EGIP rail plans favour Edinburgh Airport over Glasgow.

Taxation is still a barrier to attracting new routes and a successor to the Route Development fund has yet to be found.

So there is much our governments can do to help and if it's delivered the sky really is the limit for Glasgow Airport.