NORMALLY they are throwing quotes from Nobel Prize winning economists at each other across the chamber, but this week it was David Bowie lyrics Alex Salmond and Johann Lamont were exchanging.

Thankfully neither burst into song although the First Minister does claim he was a bit of an opera singer as a child.

For those of you who have been on Mars, the great man caused a stir as he urged Scotland to "stay with us" in his Brit Award acceptance speech, delivered in his absence by supermodel Kate Moss at the O2 Arena in London. As political interventions go it sure beats Danny Alexander delivering George Osborne's words at the Economy Committee at Holyrood.

But my point is, entertaining as it has been, do we need to hear from celebrities no matter how great or how good they may be, urging us to vote one way or another in this or any other political issue. I have spent many pounds over the years in LPs (remember them, I still play them) and tickets contributing to Bowie's fortune that allows him his lifestyle in New York.

And good luck to him, he's been worth every penny, but I don't need his views on the referendum.

Neither do I need the thoughts and opinions of Alan Cumming, Brian Cox, Sean Connery, John Barrowman or anyone else who has stood in front of a camera.

What do the Krankies say? Which way will MacWomble vote? I don't care, where does it end?.

I'd be more interested in what my next door neighbour thinks or someone sat beside me at Firhill, but I'd never ask and I'd never subject them to my unsolicited views either.

Celebrity endorsements are huge in the USA, but then again so is Grid Iron or whatever it is and I don't need that either.

Presidential races have been a contest of who gets the support from stars such as Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springsteen or John Travolta.

Obama brought it to a new generation with Beyonce and Jay-Z backing his White House bids.

But then they elect actors to high public office in the states as well, Clint Eastwood, Arnie and Ronald Reagan most famously.

Johnny Beattie for First Minister anyone or Taggart for Justice Secretary?

Of course everyone is entitled to their views, even if you don't have a vote you can still have an opinion on an issue and David Bowie and everyone else can have a preferred outcome.

But please campaign organisers spare us the fame game race to get the biggest and coolest stars to back your side.

And David, (cos I know you get the Evening Times delivered in Manhattan) thanks but I'd much rather listen to you telling me about the starman wanting to come and meet us.

Your views on the independence referendum are less likely to blow my mind

Can you hear me Major Tom?