So what do you do in Glasgow on a Saturday night whilst you're waiting on your sister to go into labour?

Well you go to Club Noir of course. OK, so maybe this was a pre-planned event. Club Noir only comes about every so often and this was their annual Valentines bash at the O2 academy. I had been asked along by some girls that I hardly ever get to see, so naturally I jumped at the chance.

I have never been before and was keen to see what all the fuss was about. The theme was New York, but as I found out, anything goes. On the lead up to the night, I got on my Ebay app and ordered an outfit. I wanted to fit in, and seeing as I haven't had an experience like this before I wanted to do it justice.

Saturday, thankfully, was a quick day in work, and I rushed home to get ready. I then headed off to my friend flat for drinks and a catch up with the girls - Heather, Gael and Kirstin. I was sporting a leopard print corset and black tutu although I did team it with tights and heels, I thought I was risqué enough (for me anyway). But once I was at the venue, I have to say I felt rather overdressed! Well maybe I am exaggerating slightly, there was a mixture of costumes from OTT theme to glamour to just on a night out, oh and the token monkey suit. Somehow though it all just worked, no one was judging outfits or seeing what was what, you were there for a night out and an enjoyable one at that.

Club Noir is renowned for the Burlesque shows. I have only ever seen one show like it before and it was on a 1920s night down in London, and even then it was only one dancer. But this was several different acts all within the theme of the evening. I have to say it was fantastic. Erotic in places, but extremely well done and for the most part hypnotising. I really enjoyed it.

The girls and I commented on the dancers figures, they were gorgeous. So confident too, to dance about, nipple tassels and all, but this was art! I particular liked the male dancers and the Andy Warhol section. There was actually so much variety it's difficult to describe, I keep thinking of other parts of the show, some of which left me shocked and others just happily taking it in. At one point one performer got a strip of her long hair shaved off by a leather wearing dominatrix- now that is dedication to your job!

I feel like the evening was a bit of a blur, but I think when your just happily enjoying the company, it goes so quickly and for me not one part is really standing out. We were in a happy wee night out bubble! In between acts, there was music, so you got a wee dance if you wanted or obviously there was several bars you could locate easily enough if your vodka and cranberry disappeared! Oh...maybe that was just me!

Anyway it was a great, we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an excuse to dress up, get together with old friends, enjoy an evening of entertainment, dancing and some alcoholic beverages. That's what I would say was a winning night out.

Unfortunately this doesn't count towards my 30 places as I have made a deal with myself that it's places out with Glasgow. However as this was a first for me and I wanted to make note of the occasion. I also love that in my city, I'm still able to enjoy new experiences. I would most definitely go back, there are different themes each time so you can go as mad or reserved as you like. Who knows it might become an annual calendar event. Bring it on Club Noir. Thanks for the fun.

And in other news...still no niece/nephew.