This week, why Beyonce is better stripped down, the best chips on the block and being a big fan of the Big Slope.

The Gig

When I first heard about the plans to build the Hydro, Beyonce was mentioned in almost the same breath. Would she finally come to Glasgow? In the few months since it was announced she would begin her 2014 Mrs Carter tour here, there's been an undeniable buzz about Queen Bee. I cannot begin to tell you the things I was offered for my ticket! So, I was pretty darn excited to put on my dancing shoes last night.

It was indeed a special night, as Bey told us herself, aside from being her first gig in Glasgow, it was also the first time she had performed her new material. Judging by the glass-shattering screams (and not forgetting the fact that the new album sold a million copies in the first week) her legion of predominately female fans were not disappointed. She clearly speaks to women, they all want to Bee her - evident by the number of (single) ladies decked out with Beyonce hair, catsuits and mega-heels.

The show itself was an assault of the senses: all serious bass, strobing lights and sensational pyrotechnics. Mass overproduction at it's very best. There's no doubt she's a compelling performer - when she shakes her ass, the world shakes with her. Personally, though, I prefer Beyonce stripped down (I'm sure most of the boys will agree!) - all the other stuff just takes away from her natural and charismatic talent. And the beauty of her backside.

The Campaign

I'm feeling particularly chipper this week, it's National Chip Week. There are a lot of 'holidays' that I scoff at (National Talk Like a Pirate Day anyone?) but this is a holiday I simply want to scoff. I know chips aren't the healthiest choice - a poke of chips, lifetime on the hips - but my granny always said, everything in moderation. So, with that in mind, I thought I'd share my favourite Weegie Fries.

There are plenty of chip shop chippers that do well in the wee small hours, but I'm looking for a fancier fry. If you're fond of a meaty chip, look no further than Jacker de Viande's Steak Fries (cheese, steak strips and tomato).

Personally, I like mine a bit saucy, whether you call it chips, cheese and gravy or poutine, it's delicious - so much so, I'm hoping to serve it at my wedding - for me, Smoak and Sloans dish up my favourite. But for me, the top chip has to be Burger Meats Bun's Chilli Fries. These are so good (and so spicy) they're selling like veritable hot-cakes. Happy Fryday Glasgow!

The Restaurant

The Slopestyle in Sochi has been incredible, it's my new favourite sport. However, Glasgow too, has it's own brand of seriously stylish slope. Tucked in beside Kelvingrove Park, on Sauchiehall Street is The Big Slope. A place that never goes downhill.

It's part pub, part restaurant, part social club. I never fail to bump into someone I know there. It gives it a friendly, sixth-form common room vibe, complete with table football. The Big Slope echoes the alpine theme of it's name in decor: cosy but cool. Read tartan, plenty of wood and antlers. It's menu is full of winter warmers too and the portions are huge, perfect comfort food. But the Big Slope aint just for Christmas, or when it's cold outside. It has a lovely wee beer garden out the front (and a great selections of beers. Suffice to say, I'm a big fan of the Big Slope.

Wee Bird Recommends

If you're wondering what to do this weekend, well, 'life is a Cabaret old chum!' Well, at least it is tonight at The Tall Ship with the phenomenal Les Amis d'Onno's Vintage Cabaret. Doors open at 7.00pm and tickets are still available. Wee Bird recommends, it's the perfect weekend escapolgy!