1 Aztec:

Launched in 1967 by Cadbury, it was made of milk chocolate, nougat and caramel.

2 Texan: Memorable for its advertising slogan, "A man's gotta chew what a man's gotta chew".

3 Splicer: Chewy rainbow bars from the 1970s with a slogan "Splicer is nicer".

4 Spangles: The boiled sweets were produced by Mars, and came in many different flavours.

5 Gold Rush: The pieces of bubble gum were sold in a fabric bag with a yellow drawstring.

6 Pyramint: Made by Terry's, it was dark chocolate with mint inside shaped like an Egyptian pyramid.

7 Fry's Five Centre: Like a Fry's cream with squares containing orange, raspberry, lime, strawberry, and pineapple.

8 Golden Cup: Made by Mackintosh but overtaken by its rival Cadbury's Caramel

9 Bar Six: A hazelnut cream sandwich in orange packaging, a bit like a KitKat.

10 Cabana: Coconut and caramel bars covered in chocolate, made by Cadbury.