Perhaps I was being naive but I never imagined how quickly I would have to learn how to multi-task for my new role as a dad.

Obviously being a man, multi-tasking doesn't come naturally to me.

My wife and I would regularly go out and enjoy a three-course dinner, and a bottle of wine before our new addition.

However, baby Sophia's arrival ensured activities such as this will either be knocked on the head completely or require more planning and juggling.

We soon realised that three courses were pretty much impossible in the early days.

Particularly disappointing when it meant missing out on my favourite course… dessert!

The bottle of wine was also substituted with a soft drink as we agreed that it was easier having the car than transporting our little one via train or bus - with any noise proving enough to wake her and leave us stressed out as we tried to settle her.

So, it was with great trepidation, when the three of us ventured out for the first time for dinner.

Super-fast eating was going to be order of the day and a very different dining experience.

With Sophia going through a stage of either sleeping during the day or being very cranky, it was always going to leave me on edge and cursing restaurant staff for any noise as it was guaranteed to disturb her.

I never realised how much cutlery could be clattered when it was being placed on a table until I had the little one snoozing in her pram.

Loud coughing from fellow diners also started to drive me insane.

I also realised my wife and I were going to have to master the art of one-handed eating.

Any dish which would require both hands was always going to be a no-no in these early days.

Learning how to hold Sophia with one arm, while trying to quickly eat my dinner with the other was an interesting new experience, but now a must in order to have a bite to eat.

Sophia seemed to have the gift of an inside alarm clock which made sure she would wake up just as our main course arrived, no matter how quick or late it would land on our table.

I'm not sure how she was able to achieve this perfectly on every occasion, but she could time it to the exact second when a bottle was required.

Not wanting to disturb the whole restaurant with a screaming baby, we had to ensure we could get the formula made up as quick as possible - thankfully it meant I was starting to get a hang of this multi-tasking lark.

I was also getting to know my way round the nappy bag but failing miserably at leaving everything in the compartments they were meant to be in. One step at a time!

As the months have went on, so has our confidence and thankfully little Sophia is now turning into a right wee nosey parker and instead of any noise nearby resulting in her sleep being disturbed, she wants to have a look at what is going on.

It has also meant dessert is back on the menu, but the little madam is starting to eye up my sweet treat!

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