1 Dr Haing S Ngor A non-professional actor, he won Best Supporting Actor for The Killing Fields in 1985.

2 Jessica Tandy: At 80, the oldest Best Actress winner for Driving Miss Daisy.

3 Neil Paterson: Ex-Dundee United skipper who won Best Adapted Screenplay in 1959 for Room at the Top.

4 Lionel Richie: Won the award for the song Say You Say Me, composed for the 1985 film White Nights.

5 Roberto Benigni: The Italian unexpectedly won Best Actor for the foreign film Life is Beautiful in 1998.

6 Tatum O'Neal: Was 10 years and 106 days when she won Best Supporting Actress for Paper Moon in 1973.

7 Adrien Brody: Has done very little since winning Best Actor for The Pianist in 2002.

8 Louise Fletcher: Brilliant as the nurse in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest but done very little since.

9 Luise Rainer: German became first actress to win two Best Actress awards - in 1936 and 1937.

10 Jean Dujardin: Unknown Frenchman who won Best Actor for the silent movie The Artist in 2013.