Am I the only one uncomfortable with the wall to wall coverage of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial?

We are used to extensive coverage of big court cases generally but the cameras inside the court and instant broadcasting of every word uttered makes me uneasy. This is not a soap drama. This is real life.

A beautiful young woman was murdered. Shot dead while sitting on a toilet bowl. It is a tragedy that her life was so cruelly cut short and her mother, other family and friends now have to cope with the whole legal process being played out in Technicolor detail. I just think it is wrong. I don't support the idea of cameras in courtrooms.

I have some personal experience and can testify that all involved in trials are under pressure. The accused, the juries and the witnesses all have to deal with a stressful situation. Of course justice has to not only be done but be seen to be done. It is right that there are public galleries but not cameras.

In fact I think it could deter justice being secured in the future. Already reluctant witnesses are likely to be even less inclined to volunteer or turn up if cameras are recording even though their faces will be pixelated out. Instead of resources being devoted to cameras in courtrooms what about greater victim and witness support work? Why the hell do most courts have witness waiting rooms that don't differentiate between the defence and prosecution? I simply don't believe the public interest is the same as what the public are interested in.

Broadcasting every gory detail of how a young woman was murdered is not in the 'public interest'. Some may watch enthusiastically and I have met my fair share of court case addicts in my time who travel in search of interesting cases. That is up to them but the devotion of so much TV space and time is neither justified nor civilised. I certainly hope the South African and US practice of televised court coverage never reaches these shores.

Potential war versus The Oscars

Tommy, Gabrielle and I watch the news at the breakfast table each morning. We sometimes channel jump depending on stories and presenters. There's been lots of talk about the ITV morning news being given an overhaul and I think it is sorely needed. Yesterday's ITV news bulletin at 7.30am was headed up by the Oscars! Whilst I don't mind a report of who won what and a glimpse of the gorgeous frocks worn, I don't think it merits a first item top story. Given that all hell seems to have broken loose in Ukraine and that there is a very real threat of physical conflict and further military intervention surely that should have been prioritised across the networks.

Love is blind

I married a toyboy. Albeit a two months younger than me toyboy but a toyboy nevertheless. Some toyboy I hear you say. I figure Tommy looks years older than me but he seems to think he doesn't. As he enters his fifties on Friday I'd like to tell him lovingly that I can still remember when we sat next to each other in school and he was young and handsome (funny how time plays tricks with memories). Honest it really doesn't bother me that today he is rapidly balding, increasingly wrinkled and distinctly saggy. And before he says it, apart from the baldy bit, I'm quite aware that the other two are also applicable to me! Happy Birthday Darling.