IT takes a huge variety of people in a diverse range of jobs to keep a big city like Glasgow running smoothly and safely day after day.

Many of the jobs are done by people who work for the council owned company Cordia, working in schools, on the streets and in people homes delivering essential services to people of all ages.

The Cordia awards may not be the famous glittering, glamorous affair the world watched at the weekend when the Oscars where handed out, but make no mistake, for the people who rely on the services, the workers are worthy of recognition.

Whether they are ensuring the children get across the road to school safely or making sure the elderly are safe at night before bedtime, the staff provide a caring role of which we should all rightly be proud.

The awards will be handed out to those considered the most deserving this year ,but there are many more across the city who also merit our thanks.

So to those who are nominated enjoy the ceremony and congratulations to all the winners.

But equally to all the staff caring for the young and old and manning our public services, it's a chance to recognise the vital work they do and offer a thank you on behalf of the city.