THERE has been improvements in registering organ donors and in treatment of heart disease in recent years.

Mark Petrie, head of heart transplant surgery, knows that more than most but he knows even more donors will save more lives.

He has looked to Wales where they have implemented the opt out system and likes what he sees and welcomes the debate being had in the Scottish Parliament thanks to the Evening Times Opt For Life Campaign.

By changing to the opt out organ donor system there will be more organs available and the wishes of those who do not wish to participate will be protected in law.

The safeguards are there and the deceased's family members wishes are also taken into account.

But with opt out, the wishes of the family members of someone waiting desperately for a suitable organ for transplant have a greater chance of coming true.

The petition has been given a thorough examination by the Petitions Committee who are satisfied for it to be debated by the full Scottish Parliament.

We already know a majority are in favour, all it takes is for the Scottish Government to bring forward legislation and it can be put in place and more lives can be saved that sadly otherwise would be needlessly lost.