1 Tam Dalyell:

Challenger of Margaret Thatcher on the Belgrano incident in the Falklands War.

2 George Galloway:

Gorgeous George was outspoken MP for Glasgow Hillhead in the '80s. He is now MP for the Respect party.

3 Charles Kennedy:

Former Glasgow University Rector. Quit as Lib-Dem leader after admitting a drink problem.

4 Michael Martin:

Springburn MP resigned as House of Commons Speaker in a row over expenses.

5 Tommy Sheridan:

Firebrand socialist later jailed in a perjury case against the News of the World.

6 Jimmy Wray:

The ex-Glasgow MP was once a barrow-boy in the Gorbals.

7 Willie Ross: 1960s Scottish Secretary was depicted as Oor Wullie in newspaper cartoons.

8 Nicholas Fairbairn:

Tory lawyer noted for his flamboyant dress sense, he carried a small silver revolver.

9 Margo MacDonald:

Dubbed the Blonde Bombshell when she won the Govan by-election for the SNP in 1973.

10 Norman Buchan:

MP with a keen interest in Scottish folk music and poetry.