THERE is too much poverty in Glasgow and too many children being raised on incomes considered below the breadline.

There is help top be had and - though it is being eroded by the UK Government austerity measures -there are other means of support, but it is unacceptable that there are 80,000 children in relative poverty in Scotland.

While they deserve our help there are others in a different level of poverty in other countries who also require help with services which, in this country, we take for granted.

The efforts of Glasgow council staff to buy enough bags of rice to allow Malawian farmers to send a child to school is a great achievement and show of compassion and solidarity with other workers seeking a better life in difficult circumstances.

Whether it is people donating to foodbanks to help families at home or buying Fairtrade to help others abroad, Glasgow is rising to the challenge to support people in a time of need and in their quest for a brighter future for the next generation.

While poverty is unacceptable and should not be tolerated, we know that when there is someone who is in need of a helping hand, the people of this city will be quick to extend it.