Web bodytext BUS lanes are a good idea in strategic areas where it is helpful in encouraging public transport and keeping buses moving.

Enforcement cameras are only necessary because some drivers refuse to abide by the rules and selfishly zoom up the bus lane, while others sit patiently in the traffic frustrated at their fellow road users' actions.

However, the cameras are only necessary when there are buses on the road and, on days like Christmas Day, when none are running, it is an empty wasted lane.

So, the council's decision not to issue the penalties to drivers on those days is welcome, as the fines were ridiculous.

It is a common sense decision and could be extended to other public holidays when there is a reduced bus service and fewer cars are on the road, meaning congestion is not an issue.

While the decision to issue fines on Christmas Day was pointless, the recognition of the complaints has to be welcomed and like motorists and other road users, we will be very interested to see how it is implemented later this year.

The purpose of bus lane enforcement cameras must only be as a traffic management tool and never about raising revenue for the council, no matter how tight the budget may be.