1 Chocolate Worth it for the sugar rush experienced on Easter Sunday in that first bite.

2 Alcohol Your liver, wallet and waistline will thank you for this one.

3 Fizzy drinks No more lost coin anguish at the work vending machine.

4 Coffee Work colleagues may bare the brunt of this.

5 Smoking - see above.

6 swearing Help build a better world - children often learn a four-letter word before they learn the alphabet.

7 Social media The average person spends up to three hours a day on Facebook and Twitter.

8 Dithering A good choice if you can't decide what to give up over the run up to Easter.

9 Crisps Sandwiches are not the same without a salt and vinegar flavoured crunch.

10 Moaning Probably the hardest promise of all for us to to keep.