THE transformation of Hampden from a football stadium to an athletics arena is a stunning piece of sporting engineering.

Raising the surface to allow the track to be laid is quite a feat, especially when seen from underneath as our pictures show.

A 50,000-plus seater athletics stadium was never going to be needed long-term in Glasgow so a temporary venue was the best solution.

Other cities hosting Commonwealth or Olympic Games have had to find a new use for the main stadium and Glasgow has avoided that headache leaving the new and refurbished venues we will have to benefit the community.

It will be strange for those used to seeing Hampden over the years as the setting for dramatic international footballing successes and failures, Scottish Cup Finals and three European Cup Finals, being used for top-class athletics.

But it shows the versatility of the city and the innovation of the teams working to deliver the Games, that transforming Hampden was even considered.

It is not just Hampden that will look and feel different during the Games - the whole city will take on a new character as Glasgow takes centre stage and the world tunes in and sees what a modern, vibrant and international city this is.