After the initial shock of arriving in India, I began to feel rather too comfortable living in my plush five star accommodation.

I was being waited on hand and foot, treated like a princess and offered daily folded animal towels where my room began to look like some sort of towel safari park. So it was time to find out what the real India had to offer. Unusually this was going to be found at a baby shower!

I sat amongst my new found Chennai Anglo Indian family enjoying the fun and games at my friends baby shower. I tasted the western pasta they had so kindly made me in case their home made biryani was too spicy for my pallet. I smiled and admired the simplicity of this party, and reminded myself how important family and friends are.

It also reminded me it does not take fancy gifts, expensive wall decorations or overpriced children's outfits to make a good get together…just close friends, family, amazing food, great music and a huge appetite for fun.

I had never heard of the term Anglo Indians but I have since come to know. The Anglo-Indian community in its modern sense is a distinct, small minority community originating in India. It consists of people from mixed British and Indian ancestry whose native language is English...Wikipedia says so, so it must be right.

Anglo Indians love good food, fun late nights, country music, jiving, sing a longs, guitars and rooting tooting whiskey parties/..something I never expected to find in India. So it's quite literally a mix of cowboy and Indians, and absolutely everybody knows everybody!

As we danced and ate I noticed a crowd of men appear on the terrace who were very well dressed, laughing and joking. One in particular seemed to be a hit with everyone. This man was dressed in smart jeans, a crisp pressed black shirt and beautifully shiny croc loafers (impossible to keep any shoes shiny in India due to the dust on the road so this was a rarity). His skin was the fairest of any Indian I had met yet and his hair as black as night, sculpted in a cool haphazard yet gorgeous fashion. I was determined not to look as though interested and play it cool like his presence did not interest me but I simply could not keep my eyes off him, especially as he looked in my direction I noticed his piercing eyes! Unheard of to see Indian men with eyes of this colour and against his beautiful skin tone, well I dare say it warranted another quick brush of my hair and a second application of my lip gloss. His name was Denver.

As the country music gradually morphed into more modern dance music for the kids later in the evening, it was safe to say the party was in full swing. I still had not spoken to the man with the piercing eyes yet, until I heard a loud singing voice, singing loud enough and wilfully enough for me to hear…I turned to find him entertaining the masses and that's when it happened…our eyes met and there was a moment…a brief twinge of a smile between us and that was that. My friend introduced us formally roughly 20 minutes later and it turns out we work within the same industry so before long we were chatting about my journey, his life, business etc…. Unfortunately in a very Cinderella-esque fashion I had a taxi booked for midnight so I left in a rush without even a goodbye.

Would I ever see him again?