THERE are many communities in the north east of Glasgow which are home to some of the worst deprivation and inequality in the country.

With predictable but unacceptable regularity the places listed among the highest for unemployment, child poverty and poor health are to be found within the area's postcodes.

Those challenges have remained a problem and some, like gang violence, are being improved with dramatic results and better housing has improved living conditions for many families.

What the area does not lack is people with the will and drive to face up to the issues and do their best to make life better for all.

The first Community Champion winners of 2014 proved that last night with people of all ages in the community, and those working in uniform or public sector jobs, making a noticeable difference.

The results are tangible for many people who have seen the benefits of investment in resources in the north east.

It is obvious, however, there is more to do and with the efforts of our nominees and winners and our Community Champion partners Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue, Glasgow Housing Association and Community Planning Partnerships, it can be achieved.