This week; popping my Bublé cherry, playing at Stereo, Renfield Lane and what's springing into my summer wardrobe.

The Gig

I never really got the whole Bublé thing. I know. I know. How can I call myself a woman! It wasn't that I didn't appreciate his syrupy, old school voice and his cheeky handsomeness, I just didn't think he was much more than that. On Monday, I went to night three of the Bublé takeover at the Hydro and stand - weak kneed - corrected. I guess I just hadn't met him yet…

His charisma is compelling, he has that thing they keep looking for in TV talent shows, and occasionally call the X Factor. We like him too, because he's got the banter. He's funny and self-deprecating and lordy, what a potty mouth!

He walked on stage with a wee bit of a fiery fan-fare but really it's just him, his band and you. Well, that's what it feels like; each song a personal serenade. If the Beyonce gig a few weeks back was over-production at it's best, the Canadian crooner is stripped back perfection. Especially during the finale when he sang without band or microphone, it was just the sound of his voice and a crowd of 12,000 falling in love.

It's not a one-way relationship, though, he knows what side his piece is buttered, giving as much adoration to his fans as they do to him, 'I love you Glasgow' he swooned, before promising to fly one of his fans in the front row to his next gig to show his appreciation for all the dosh she'd given him over the years!

He was also thankful to the band, saying if it wasn't for them, he'd just be a karaoke singer. I'm not sure he really believes that and neither do I. One night with the Bublé and I'm already practically setting up my own fan club!

The Pub

I'm a carnivorous Cat and, whilst I might not go as far as scoffing a mouse, I could definitely eat a horse. I like eating meat but I also realise that I should really consider getting more of my five a day. So, this week a friend and me took a wee wander to central vegan hangout Stereo.

Stereo is an oasis on Renfield Lane, just around the corner from many other city centre pubs but a million miles away in terms of vibe. It's relaxed, bohemian and hipster, but not, like far too tight skinny jeans, in a painful way. The vegan menu is surprisingly delicious too: a meaty selection of tapas and mains, just without the meat. I got my chops around haggis fritters (you would never know the ingredients were entirely veggie, with none of the usual grissly bits) followed by quesadillas - I was stuffed.

In truth, the only slightly unsavoury thing is the toilets. But that's just a wee side note, other than that Stereo is totally sound.

The Event

Hello sunshine! Spring sprung-up on us this week, warming our winter cockles and making everyone feel as chirpy as the birds in the trees. Ok, so it already feels like a distant memory - was that it? But, being of a sunny disposition, I'm sure we're going to be seeing plenty more of that fiery ball in the sky.

So, if spring is here… what does that mean? Cleaning? Possibly, but only if it's cleaning out your wardrobe to make room for some fabulously inappropriate summer clobber (that we may get the chance to wear once or twice). On Thursday, I went along to Debenhams, Argyle Street, to check out their new spring/summer collection at a fashion show hosted by the gorgeous Julie Hannah.

Straight from the catwalk (and maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed into the Cat's wardrobe) were summer staples of perfect pastels, fabulous florals and trendy tribals. It was a great wee night and Julie did a fab job. One of the models did a 'Naomi Campbell' and tripped over her heels, but having the nickname from my friends of 'scuff-face' (I am terrible at walking in heels) it happens to the best of us!

A Wee Bird Told Me… has the scoop on all things Glasgow and this week we're recommending the finest of supper clubs. Street food specialists Scoop are tucking into the Mackintosh Church for a delicious one-off, five course feast this Saturday evening. Tickets are still available, at £27.50 per diner.